Egg donors, just like precious gems, hold glimmers of inspiration.

Would you like to add a sparkle to an infertile families’ dream and give them the precious gift of life – a gift of the future? 

Not only will your extraordinary gift reward you with the emotional gratification of knowing that you have changed someone’s life – forever – by fulfilling their dream of becoming a parent, you will also be financially rewarded for your time and selfless generosity to further dreams of your very own.

So if you would love to travel abroad, make special new connections and leave an indelible mark in the world, sign up with us today and become one of our precious Emerald Donors.

What are the minimum requirements to be an egg donor?

- Overall a healthy woman

- Regular menstrual cycle

- BMI below 28.

- The ability to travel internationally (Passport?)

- Time to take off from work, studies, family etc.

- Between the ages of 18 to 32

“The Emerald Donors team were extremely informative, professional and always there to talk to. They really care.” –Emerald Donor

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